Japanese Calendar

Calendar Differentiation Japanese calendar differs from the Western. It changes every time when the new emperor starts to rule. Here is a Japanese calendar translation:

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Auction Sheet Translation

Auction Dictionary On this page, you find Auction List translation and know how to read auction sheet. It includes general meaning and definitions from Japanese to the

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Auction Grading

Auction Grading System There are different auto auctions all over Japan and grading system may differ a little from each other. Please always ask for

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Interactive Auction Sheet

 happy to introduce you an Interactive Auction Sheet. If you would like to buy your first car from the Japanese Auctions, you definitely need to

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Auction Types

Online Auctions Auction List: IAA, JAA, JU, KAA, KCAA, LAA, MIRIVE, NAA, SAA, TAA, USS, ZIP. Most of the cars could be found at the Online

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Auction Info

There are huge amounts of used car’s auctions in Japan where everyone could find the vehicle which suits you best. For example cars, bikes, boats

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