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We accept only the bank remittance payment method because it provides both the buyer and the seller an official written record of the payment transaction.

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At Waqas Trading Co we have a commitment to provide value and opportunity for everyone we work with. We will provide a solution to your vehicle needs by offering fair and transparent pricing at all levels, from fleet acquisition to individual cars. W Group Japan promises to recognize the importance each employee plays in ensuring every transaction is successful. Every member of the W Group Japan team will be professional, reliable, responsive and friendly. With each transaction, W Group Japan will seek opportunities for improvement and strive to make it convenient and simple for a customer to do business with us, ensuring, remains its preferred supplier.


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Beware of Fake Invoices and Banking details

Dear valued customers,

We would like to inform you that we do not have any local agents or representatives who can collect payments on our behalf. Any such request for payment or information for payment should be considered fake and should not be entertained.

We strongly advise you to be cautious while making payments and cross-check all payment requests by matching the details on the official website of our company. Any payment made to unauthorized sources would be at your own risk and the company cannot be held liable for any such transaction.

Moreover, we would like to reiterate that we have a strict online payment policy, and we do not collect payments in cash or accept payments through unauthorized channels.

We request you to be vigilant and report any such activities immediately to our customer service team info@waqas-trading.com or through our official website. Our team is committed to addressing your concerns and providing you with the best support.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,

Waqas Trading Japan Management Team.

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