Who are we?

W Group Japan LTD CO



At W Group Japan, we have a commitment to provide value and opportunity for everyone we work with. 

We will provide a solution to your vehicle needs by offering fair and transparent pricing at all levels, from 

fleet acquisition to individual cars.

Customer Service

W Group Japan promises to recognize the importance each employee plays in ensuring every transaction

 is successful. Every member of the W Group Japan team will be professional, reliable, responsive and friendly. 

With each transaction, W Group Japan will seek opportunities for improvement and strive to make it convenient 

and simple for a customer to do business with us, ensuring, remains its preferred supplier.


We believe integrity and transparency are essential. Our promise is to be transparent in our interactions with our 

customers and business partners. We value building long-term trust, sustained relationships, a professional 

reputation and brand equity through our interactions and dealings with customers, partners and clients at all levels.


We strive to make W Group Japan the most convenient automotive solution. With a large inventory on-hand, t

he ability to purchase and sell entire fleets, perform vehicle evaluation services, maintain a parts and vehicle 

support network and offer in-house shipping and logistics services, W Group Japan promises to be your full-

service vehicle transaction solution.

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Have any questions? We are always open to talk about your business, new projects, creative opportunities and how we can help you.

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