Auction Grading

Auction Grading System

There are different auto auctions all over Japan and grading system may differ a little from each other. Please always ask for the translation to understand everything about the car you wish to buy.
Here is a guide prepared by AAA Japan Co., Ltd. for you, where you will learn how to read an auction lists:

Overall Grading:
  • S – Means that the vehicle you are looking at is as new. Registration date is no longer than 1 year, speedometer shows less than 10 000 km or more often smaller.
  • 6 – Identify almost new cars, where the registration date is up to 3 years. Mileage varies till 30 000 km, generally till 10 000 km. On some auction pages, you may found a few almost invisible scratches.
  • 5 – Signify used car in the excellent condition. Speedometer shows up to 50 000 km. On the body may be a few small scratches also may appear the little dents.
  • 4.5 – Still high demandable vehicle. Speedometer shows mileage up to 100 000 km. Also, may be some scratches or dents and a little chance to find a car with the repair marks or changed body parts.
  • 4 – The car has not been in the accident. Speedometer could show up to 150 000 km. May occur visible scratches, in the interior may be found tears, cigarette holes or stains.
  • 3.5 – Define car where you could find noticeable scratches, dents, rust or corrosion (rare). Inside the vehicle often appear tears, cigarette holes, stains.
  • 3 – Indicate cars with visible huge scratches, dents, paint stains, rust and corrosion. Interior full of tears, cigarette holes or food stains.
  • 2 – Usually means lots of rust and corrosion, but may be found all kind of breakdowns. Generally, signify that the vehicle is in the terrible condition.
  • 1 – As a rule flooded vehicles.
  • RA – Car which has been fixed after an ordinary car crash.
  • R – Usually vehicle from the serious car crash. This car may be repaired but probably need more fixing. Note that this car may be Immovable.
  • *** (99, x, etc.) – This vehicle has been in an accident or has some serious engine trouble and was not fixed.
Interior Grading:
  • A – Describe as new vehicle’s condition.
  • B – Signify car in the good condition, as a rule, the interior looks nice and tidy.
  • C – Inside the car could be found small food’s stains or cigarette’s holes
  • D – Inner vehicle consist of cigarette’s mark, stains, tears or even smell.
  • E – Interior of the car is terrible. Grade E means all mentioned above and even worse.
Exterior Grading:
  • A – Represent an awesome exterior condition.
  • B – Could be found scratches up to 15 cm but usually smaller.
  • C – Signify vehicle with scratches up to 30 cm or dents.
  • D – Define visible scratches, rust or even corrosion.
  • E – An awful car condition. It’s all about rust, corrosion and all variety of exterior breakdowns.

Next abbreviation could be found on the Auction List:

  • AAC – Climate Control Air Conditioner
  • AC – Air Conditioner
  • AIRBAGU – Airbag
  • AW – Original Alloy Wheels
  • CA – Column Automatic Transmission
  • F5 – 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • F6 – 6 Speed Manual Transmission
  • FA/AT – Automatic Transmission
  • KAWA – Leather seats
  • NAVI – Navigator
  • PS – Power Steering
  • PW – Power Windows
  • SR – Sunroof
  • TV – Television

Next signs Japanese use for the exterior (the Number near the letter in the Auction List means how strong the breakdown is):

  • A – Scratch
  • E – Dimple
  • U – Dent
  • W – Repair Mark
  • S – Place with Rust
  • C – Place with Corrosion
  • P – Paint blemish
  • H – Paint dissolved
  • X – Body part required to be replaced (has no number, located on the chassis)
  • X – Cleavage on the Window (Usually with the number, located on the windows)
  • XX – Body part has been replaced
  • B – Dent and scratch
  • Y – Crack or Hole
  • – Repaired Cleavage on the Window
  • RX – Repaired Cleavage on the Window (needs to be replaced)
  • G – Stone chip in the glass

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