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Introduction to the Shipping Development of international shipping created fast, safe and chip cargo transportation method called Ro-Ro. These ships specially organized for different vehicle’s transportation. Ro-Ro ships are equipped with a horizontal bridge for driving on the board without helping the crane. Most of the vehicles are exported by the Ro-Ro shipping. However, WAQAS TRADING CO […]

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Frequently Asked Questions How to buy cars?Press here to read the instructions. You can take a view on our VIDIEO GUIDANCE in 3 parts. Dear customers ! Please note, that we deliver cars from japan car auction only by Ro-Ro vessels and only to port of destination. Therefore before placing a bid, You should notify us a port of destination. Then we

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How to Buy

ow to buy car from Japanese Auto Auctions. You can take a view on our VIDIEO GUIDANCE in 3 parts. Dear customers ! To see the final cost of the car at your port of destination you canuse the function CAR CALCULATOR which is built in every lot page.First you should register ⇒ go to your

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